Exemplary Leaders

Exemplary Leadership Quotient [ELQ]

Are leaders born or nurtured? YES! Leaders are both born and nurtured. Successful and effective leaders are typically endowed with certain inherent leadership attributes and qualities. Some individuals possess the fundamental tools to be a great leader. Even so, it is important to actively and deliberately strive to enhance your ability to execute consistent, impactful leadership.

Exemplary Leadership Quotient [ELQ]™ is a unique measurement of; a) the degree to which an individual possesses the critical attributes associated with exemplary leadership, and b) the individual’s propensity to consistently execute and practice those attributes in a leadership capacity. Used in conjunction with a personalized strategic development plan, the ELQ tool will enhance the process of leadership development for aspiring exemplary leaders! Click here to take the ELQ leadership readiness assessment FREE for a limited time only!

A comprehensive, historical study of exemplary leaders from a wide range of organizations, businesses, companies, and/or corporations yielded an invaluable conclusion. Invariably, effective leaders share a common compendium of critical characteristics! The ELQ measures an individual’s readiness and capacity to effectively lead a wide range of people in a variety of settings. In particular, the ELQ analyzes one’s ability to consistently execute the principles of six “thematic areas” associated with successful leaders. The thematic areas include:

  • Vision
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Problem solving
  • Mentoring
  • Principles
  • Attitude

The ELQ was specifically designed to assist individuals and organizational leaders with such issues as:

  • Improving a leader’s ability to manage individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Basic leadership and talent assessment
  • Leadership development and training
  • Identifying future organizational leaders, and
  • Enhancing the leadership toolbox of high level organizational leaders

Are you or members of your team ready to take the next step towards becoming an exemplary leader? Begin by completing our Exemplary Leadership Quotient [ELQ] ™ assessment. The ELQ is an easy, affordable, and self-administered online assessment tool. In most cases the assessment can be completed in approximately 15 minutes and you will receive immediate feedback about your leadership capacity.

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